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Suite 29

Suite 29 is our smallest of all our office Suites but larger than our largest Executive office.  It is spacious and full of light due to the large floor to ceiling window down one wall. This Suite is ideal for three to four people with good sized desks. It is located at the entrance to our Suite section and is in a very quiet location.This comes available end of April 2020

Office Facilities


We are also available to do photo copying, scanning, and document binding services for you and a number of other admin duties you may need. You only pay for the time it takes, there are no minimum hours required. For instance, you may have a job that takes 10 mins a day that is a distraction to you that you would like us to do each day so you can focus on more important tasks.

Kitchen / Lunch Room

We have one lunch room and one kitchenette for your convenience. The main lunch room is complete with Fridge, Microwave, kettle, dishwasher and utensils. We supply milk, tea and coffee for you and your guests.

Swipe card access (for one)

One Swipe card is supplied for each office. Extra cards are available.

Internet Service

We have two internet feeds into the building used in our offices. Every office has their own individual network and is firewalled with other offices. In simple terms this means that no one can see your computers and you can’t see anyone else’s. Our network allows you to network all your office computers together, even if you are split across several offices. With our microwave service (Business Grade) we bypass the local exchanges, in fact we link directly into Brisbane. Our service is a dedicated service which means we get the full upload and download speed 24 hours a day. This service does cost much more than your standard NBN connection but as a client of Regatta 1 you can enjoy this service for a fraction of its cost. We do offer NBN service for those who are happy with a cheaper grade service.


Air-conditioning is provided in office and common areas. In our executive offices air conditioning is individually controlled by each office. Have you even been in an office environment where it is either too hot or cold for your liking, well at Regatta 1 you control the temperature in your own office.

Provide tea and coffee

Standard tea and coffee is provided for you and your guests.


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